Other Systems

Pre-Heating & Brake Test System

The Pre-Heating Test System and the Brake Test System are both similar systems: they are constituted of a container where all the main technological items are, and a cabinet for each track that you wish to have this system installed on. The operator only need to access the cabinet to effectuate his task.

The Brake Test System is designed to ensure the correct operation of the brakes of one or a complete set of rolling stock assets., while the Pre-Heating System is used to heat a parked train before operation.

Exhaust Fume Extraction System

The Exhaust Fume Extraction System is used inside a workshop in order to help to effectively protect employees from hazardous diesel exhaust emissions while maintaining and servicing diesel locomotives and railway vehicles. The whole system is tailored according to the design of your workshop. The movable part of the Exhaust Fume Extraction System can be either made with a rotating arm or with overhead bridge.

This system is environmentally mandatory in depots where workers are doing jobs around working diesel railway locomotives.

Mobile Roof Working Platform
The Mobile Roof Working Platform is an overhead platform system which allows technicians to work on the top of trains. The system can be paired with a Retractable Catenary System in order to assure the safety of the personal. The system is mounted on beams that are going all along a depot in order to cover the whole length of a complete train. While working, the system deploys safety barriers which become the delimitation of the working area. A Mobile Roof Working Platform is installed and used for each train maintenance track. The design of the Mobile Roof Working Platform is fully based on safety first idea and allows it to work with minimal maintenance to always be operational.
Mobile Working Platform Set

The Mobile Working Platform Set is a system constituted of 2 platforms, one on each side of the tracks. The Mobile Working Platform Set is moving on tracks installed in parallel of the railway tracks. This system is used to work on top of rolling stocks assets by creating a working safety area delimited by barriers from the 2 platforms. Each Mobile Working Platform can work independently of the second one.

The Mobile Working Platform Set is the equivalent of the Mobile Roof Working Platform, except it is installed on the ground.

Sand Filling System
The Sand Filling System is a system used for filling the sandboxes of electric trains. The sand stocked in a sand silo is brought through a piping system to each sand station (one station for each car of a train). Each station can fill its car independently or all at the same time therefore reducing the operation time. The design of the Sand Filling System is completely tailored made and adapted to the design of your workshop and rolling stock assets. The sand filling operation by gun is conducted at low speed to reduce dust and to improve flexible hose lifespan. Since the dust is also sucked by the system, the filling of the sandboxes is a very clean work.
Anti-Icing De-Icing System
The Anti-Icing De-Icing System is used during winter time to avoid/remove the ice on the bogies of rolling stock assets. The Anti-Icing System sprays a chemical product on the bogies which avoid formation of ice for a period. The De-Icing System sprays a chemical product on the bogies which dissolves the ice present on the bogies. The spray system is installed directly on the rails, and all chemical products are collected back to the tank systems located nearby the tracks. The command unit is indoor allowing the operator to work in a normal temperature area. This system is designed according to your technical specification and your rolling stock assets.
Retractable Catenary System

The Retractable Catenary System is used inside workshops to ease the rolling stock assets roofing maintenance operations. When the Retractable Catenary System enables, the workshop overhead contact line is disconnected from the main overhead contact line outside of the building. The overhead contact line is installed on a series of retractable rigid catenary arm systems all along the length of the depot.

The Retractable Catenary System is a tailored made system for each client according to the design of their depot.

Toilet Vacuum Sealed Cleaning Unit

The Toilet Vacuum Sealed Cleaning Unit is tailored made and used to clean all types of rolling stock assets. The toilet is emptied and disinfected by connecting two hoses to the fixed system for the distance of each toilet mounted onboard the train. Each car of a train has its own hoses station, and each station can work independently or all at the same time therefore reducing the operation time. The hoses stations are relied to the main treatment station through a piping system. The main treatment station has several tanks for treatment of used waters and for cleaning liquids. A single Mobile Toilet Vacuum Sealed Cleaning Unit can also be an alternative.

Dust Suction System

The Dust Suction System is a completely tailored made system. It can be used to clean equipment operating at the train roof or chassis, as well as the inside of the train. Several suctions inlet are installed along the length of the workshop in order to have one inlet per car. All the piping systems are installed at overhead height in order to save place at the ground level. Each inlet has its own control unit placed at man height allowing the host to comes down and start the dust suction operation. The whole dust suction system is connected to an outside control room with a compressor and a dust filter.

Vehicle Body & Others Paint Booth

The Vehicle Body Paint Booth is a paint cabin with rails going through it that will provide partial or complete painting of the rolling stock assets where painting and paint drying processes are done together. Each design of the paint booth is different based on the length required and rolling stock assets profile. Complete filtration of the vapors is done by the system and no harmful waste can escape the paint booth.

In addition to the Vehicle Body Paint Booth, smaller Paint Booth can be proposed for smaller equipment painting or bogie painting.

Water-Tight Test System

The Water-Tight Test System is used to detect water leakage and water infiltration inside the rolling stock assets. It is possible to do so by pulverizing high pressured water on the external body of the railway asset. All the water used through this system is recovered and goes back to the water tank. The whole pumping system is controlled by a single control unit.

The Water-Tight Test System is tailored according to your needs and your technical specification, and can be designed for the testing of a single rolling stock asset or for the testing of several.

Treatment of Train’s Wastewater

The Treatment of Train’s Wastewater is generally used for diesel locomotives wastewater. However, it can also be used in coupling of any rolling stocks washing system in order to recycle the water and to eliminate all the hazardous liquids which could damage the environment. The Treatment of Train’s Wastewater system is composed of several filter units, tanks of water and tanks of chemical products. The whole system is controlled by a command unit indicating status of each element of the system. The Treatment of Train’s Wastewater is designed according to environmental standards and your technical specifications.