Around Tracks Maintenance Assets

Catenary Maintenance Vehicle

A full time operational catenary and electrification system is primordial for the electrical railway vehicles. Therefore, the maintenance duration is generally at night for only a few hours, which implies that the preventive maintenance plan must be done with efficiency. In order to do that, an appropriate Catenary Maintenance Vehicle is a must have: it allows the maintenance team to intervene quickly on several places in a short time.

The size and the on-board equipment of the Catenary Maintenance Vehicle is determined according to your needs.

Modular Maintenance Vehicle

The Modular Maintenance Vehicle allows you to have a vehicle adapted to your needs and to the works that you decide it will be used for. It is an alternative to the other standard vehicles since it can be used for several different maintenance works. It can also be designed as to replace a standard equipment with less technological on-board systems.

The Modular Maintenance Vehicle is most commonly used by companies which have small length of tracks to maintain and several different works to be accomplished on those tracks.

Tamping & Switch Tamping Vehicle

The Tamping Vehicle is used to pack ballasts under sleepers of railway tracks to make the tracks more durable. It fixes tracks problems caused by the passage of traffic. The more traffic there is, the more often tamping will be required. Besides, with its on-board measurement systems, the tamping can be done only where required instead of everywhere.

According to your needs and tracks configuration, some vehicles are designed to only do straight tracks tamping jobs, while some other vehicles allow you to do the switch tamping.

Dynamic Stabilizer Vehicle
The Dynamic Stabilizer Vehicle is commonly used after the passage of the Tamping Vehicle. During tamping, when the tool enters into the space between the sleepers and then exits again after compressing and consolidating, an unconsolidated gap still exists. The Dynamic Stabilizer Vehicle creates lateral vibration on the rails while moving across the tracks and at the same time a vertical load is applied on the rail. Those vibrations causes the ballast to rearrange themselves and fill the gap without any impact on the tamping results. Even though the results of this technology are not physically visible, it has been proven that the durability and geometry of the rails are greatly improved while using it.
Ballast Regulator Vehicle

The Ballast Regulator Vehicle is used to shape and distribute the gravel track ballast that supports the ties in tracks. This vehicle is used before the passage of the ballast tamping vehicle. It avoids to lose ballasts outside of the tracks, and allows to have a correctly shaped ballast height between the rails. Without the Ballast Regulator Vehicle, a proper compacting or tamping wouldn’t be realizable, and ballasts would have to be added to the tracks very often. This regulation operation is an important work to be done and to not be neglected.

Ballast Compaction Vehicle

The Ballast Compaction Vehicle is used to compact the ballasts in a shape and prevent them from going everywhere, and it also reduces the empty space between ballasts. The more traffic there is, the more often compacting will be required. Besides, with its on-board measurement systems, the compacting can be done only where required instead of everywhere.

Ballast Cleaning Vehicle

The Ballast Cleaning Vehicle cleans the tracks ballasts of all impurities. During the cleaning operation, the worn ballasts are also replaced with new ballasts. This operation is needed to improve the effectiveness of the ballasts and assure durability of the tracks. Besides, the Ballast Cleaning Vehicle avoids a hard job for manual labor, and the result of this process is much more precised and visible.

According to the design and your needs, the Ballast Cleaning Vehicle can be used with Ballast Transport Wagon(s).

Ballast Transport Wagon

The Ballast Transport Wagon is used for the transport of new or old ballast. It can be used during tracks installation, or during track maintenance as a complementary equipment to other maintenance vehicles.

Rather than modifying a freight wagon which implies design and technical calculations, getting a Ballast Transport Wagon designed specifically for load of ballast with conveyor system is a cheaper and safer option.

Rail/Road Excavating Machine
The Rail/Road Excavating Machine is a multi-functions Excavator which can moves both on road and railway tracks. Different heads can be furnished according to your needs. Its versatility makes it a must have machine for every railway maintenance companies. It can be used during any kind of railway intervention, as well as intervention on roads.