Automatic Train External Body Washing Plant

Operating Principle
The Automatic Train External Body Washing Plant is used to realize the washing of a rolling stock asset or a whole train. The system operates with several washing stages, and every part of the asset gets cleaned by the end of the cycle. The whole washing process until drying is made by this equipment. The washing is made with chemical products adapted to the paint of the asset, the cleaning is done with high-pressure water and the drying by low speed fans. The whole system is based on the 0 waste idea, and all the water is collected by a Treatment of Waste Water unit which cleans the water and bring it back in the water tanks of the washing unit. The whole process is done from a single control unit where the operator is.
Integrated Systems
Many integrated systems can be part of the Automatic Train External Body Washing Plant. Stationary underframe chemical spraying unit, pressure frame washing unit, side high pressure rotowash wheel washing unit, preliminary water spraying unit, nozzle washing unit, softener detergent spraying unit, side standing softener detergent spreader brush unit, upper corner softener detergent spreader brush washing unit, skirting softener detergent spreader brush washing unit, shampoo spraying unit , water spraying washing arch, upper corner brush washing unit, skirting brush washing unit, standing (side) brush washing unit, high pressure washing-rinsing unit, polish spreading unit, bottom water sweeping-drying unit, exterior surface water sweeping-drying unit, computer aided automation and control system, camera control system, clean water filtering and conditioning unit, biological treatment and recycling unit, treated water tank, pumping unit are some possible options.
Installation Details
The Automatic Train External Body Washing Plant is an indoor system. Due to the water going everywhere during washing, it is better to have a dedicated building for the system. For a whole train, using a Rail/Road Shunter to pull the train and have stationary units is the best way to go. For a single rolling stock asset, it is possible to have the washing system mobile and keep the asset immobile, or have the system mobile and pull the railway asset. While designing the building, the fact that the system requires a water collecting foundation is to take into consideration. All materials used have to be water resistant in order to avoid corrosion. The rest of the civil work is standard as it is an above floor system.